Video-surveillance in Puglia for the Ministry of the Interior

SITE completed the main technical features of the video surveillance project in the Apulia region contracted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the commissioning of the installation in the city of Bari. This project was particularly important for SITE because it spurred us to provide that added value service to which the company is committed.
The project
Creating an integrated video surveillance network in 16 cities across the region, for a total of over 600 devices in the field, was a complex operation that required professionalism in the management of processes. Through our engineering solutions and technicians, we developed a turnkey multi-system project at the cutting edge of technology.

Technologies Used
The project mainly involved the following activities:
  • implementing a supporting telecommunications network
  • reusing an existing DWDM fibre-optic backbone for connection between the cities
  • designing and installing PDH radio and wireless sections to reach specific nodes
  • analysing and ensuring the performance of the network in terms of reliability and redundancy to meet stringent bandwidth specifications required for real time video applications, to optimise time and cost efficiency
  • setting up equipment and control rooms for local and central management of the data and system
  • integrating new equipment supplied into the customer’s existing management and diagnostics systems

Customer: Ministry of the Interior – Department of Public Security

Problem: Need for the surveillance of areas at high risk of criminal activity.

The project The overall objective of NOP “Security for Growth – Convergence Objective 2007-2013” was to provide the best conditions for security, justice and legality for citizens and firms in regions where criminality stifles economic growth.
SITE was responsible for the design and installation in Puglia, on a turnkey basis, of 19 municipal video-surveillance systems linked to the regional, provincial and municipal control rooms of the various arms of law and order (National Police and Carabinieri) and (Municipal Police).
This project was particularly meaningful for SITE, enabling us to provide the value added that has always characterised our work.
The creation of an integrated video-surveillance network covering 19 towns and cities throughout the region (with over 600 devices in the field) was highly complex and required enormous professionalism at the design stage and in management of the processes.
Engineering, the Design Office and all principal technical experts within the company were involved in this major multi-system, technologically-advanced project.

The technologies involved

The principal activities were:
• the installation of a supporting fibre-optic telecommunications network;
• the reuse of an existing fibre-optic DWDM backbone to link the various towns and cities;
• the design and installation of PDH and Hiperlan radio links to reach nodes that were unreachable with fibre-optics and/or subject to special conditions;
• the design work required to obtain the network performance, reliability and redundancy needed to guarantee and surpass the already stringent specifications;
• the installation of equipment and control rooms for the local and central management of data and the system as a whole;
• the integration of the equipment supplied with the management and diagnostic systems already installed by the customer.

Advantages: By using more than 600 recording devices distributed throughout Puglia, the police are able to draw on another effective security tool that improves the environment in which economic operators work. The system helps to tackle the effects of criminality in productive areas (urban, extra urban, industrial areas) and on the communications infrastructure (major roads, ports, airports), as well as the distortion of free competition among firms (counterfeiting of brands and products), in order to promote competitiveness and generally improve the tenor and quality of life, alongside the harmonious, balanced and sustainable growth of economic activity.

Future developments:
All the systems installed by SITE were designed with a high degree of expandability, which has already enabled and will further enable the Ministry of the Interior to expand its municipal video-surveillance systems as new needs emerge within the region.