SWAP tunnel repeaters for VODAFONE

Customer: Vodafone Omnitel B.V., a company managed and controlled by Vodafone Group P.L.C. based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Opportunity:Vodafone needed to upgrade and optimise its network coverage in tunnels. To avoid burdening the territorial organisation, Vodafone contracted the work to a partner with many years of experience in managing turnkey projects.

The project:The project called for the installation of a replacement network that, in addition to the technological renewal of equipment, would improve the high levels of reliability, coverage and availability required by the customer, as well as enable the activation of new 3G network services, all on a turnkey basis. The project involved work in 350 tunnels on main roads and motorways around the entire country. SITE is in fact able to carry out maintenance work on most arterial roads. For this project, SITE was responsible for the entire installation process on a turnkey basis.
This was a complete project for Vodafone Omnitel B.V., which is managed and controlled by Vodafone Group P.L.C. The network involved is based on an infrastructure of radio coverage repeaters along the roads and motorways, providing 2G and 3G links.
SITE completed this project on time, to the great satisfaction of the end customer and dealing with the mobile network’s downtime with surgical precision. This success means that SITE is recognised as one of the most important and reliable players at national level.

Summarising, the principal activities were:

• Drive test, pre swap
• Joint survey together with VF, the designer
• Preparation of kit list
• Order of ancillary materials
• Check of materials ordered by VF
• Request for partial and/or complete closures of lanes
• Performance of work while road traffic stopped
• Removal of aerials
• Installation of aerials
• Measurement of decoupling and ROS
• Removal of old equipment and upgrades as necessary
• Restoration of site infrastructure
• Installation and testing of new equipment
• Integration with the network and remote supervision
• Restoration of construction work
• Test calls
• Drive test, post activation
• F2 acceptance with Ericsson

Advantages: A new network was installed to replace the old network, enabling technological renewal of the equipment concerned. The project achieved the objectives of both improving the high levels of reliability, coverage and availability required by the customer, and enabling the activation of new 3G network services.

Future developments The success of this project has enabled SITE to obtain a new contract for the pro-active maintenance of tunnel coverage equipment.