Municipal Police Departments are equipped with systems that address each specific need. Some examples include video surveillance, license plate recognition, restricted traffic zone and regular access control, and video analytics.
Due to this proliferation of technology, control room operators have their hands full managing information from a myriad of software applications, each having its own particular interface, procedures and computer terminology.
Daily work has become complicated in terms of time, the computer skills that must be learned, and the lack of correlation between data coming from different sources that all work separately from each other.
Today, local security can finally move on to phase 2.0, in which each technological system is integrated into a single security management platform. A single Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform means having an intelligent security system that automates information gathering and alarm status resolution procedures. The information is all concentrated in one platform that, on the one hand, makes the correlation of the data received and automation of intervention processes possible, and, on the other, facilitates the activities of control room and on-the-field operators, who can manage the technologies they use daily from a single control interface. The platform not only brings significant savings in time and resources but also the greater certainty of being responsive and effective in managing security.