S.I.T.E Società Impianti Telefonici ed Elettrici was founded in 1947 by Sauro Borghi and Roberto Carroli. Spanning 70 years, our story has been about commitment to the technological development of the telecommunications, energy and rail transport networks of Italy. Today, SITE operates internationally, providing customers excellence in the integration of technological systems and cutting-edge proprietary solutions.


SITE is a System Integration provider, creating technological systems and infrastructure. It installs, commissions and integrates different technologies to develop telecommunications, rail transport, metro and energy infrastructure. It also provides technological solutions developed in their entirety in-house by its R&D division. These include: IoT solutions for the Telecommunications industry, to enhance city-wide security; railway signalling systems for the Transportation industry; and biomass cogeneration plants and LED lighting systems for the Energy industry.


  • 2015

    PIROGASS is established, an advanced syngas cogeneration system for production of electricity and thermal energy from biomass
  • 2014

    KIRETI is established, the IoT security management platform born out of SITE’s experience in city-wide video surveillance networks and integration of telecommunications and security systems
  • 2012

    VIVILA is established, the innovative line of LED lamps completely designed by SITE thanks to its comprehensive experience in the field of energy efficiency
  • 2005 • 2010

    The company consolidates its internationalisation strategy by opening permanent offices in Algeria and the United Arab Emirates and working on important contracts in Croatia, Spain, England and Belarus
  • 2000 • 2005

    The company creates a Research & Development centre devoted to the study, design and production of electronic systems for Railway Signalling.
    The first proprietary systems for railway signalling are installed
  • 1999 • 2000

    Cellular phones start to become more widespread. SITE is a player right from the start, becoming one of operator Omitel Pronto Italia’s partners and one of the main partners of the technology operators and vendors that are developing the national mobile radio networks
  • 1988 • 1990

    SITE makes its way into both the Energy and Transport sectors, creating and servicing the ENEL power company’s electricity grids and, for the Italian rail network company R.F.I., the railway traffic control systems
  • 1947 • 1980

    SITE expands throughout Italy, creating the country’s telecommunications network for public service contractors that later merged under the SIP company, Italy’s former telephone company
  • 1947

    SITE is founded


We want to guarantee an interconnected society by creating telecommunications networks and developing ICT solutions. We want to guarantee the safety and quality of rail transport by integrating multi-sectoral technological systems and developing signalling solutions. We want to guarantee sustainable energy exploitation by creating and servicing electricity grids, increasing consumption efficiency, and developing solutions for production of renewable energy.


We expect a future where more and more people are interconnected, where travelling is faster and safer, and where the energy resources to do this are not an obstacle. SITE wants to be a single cross-sectoral platform in all five continents for the engineering and on-the-field integration of the technologies that will make this future a reality, and it wants a research and development centre that can ensure that social innovation.


Paid-in capital

21.100.000 €

Fiscal 2013 revenues

170.156.000 €

Fiscal 2014 revenues

173.724.000 €

Fiscal 2015 revenues

210.374.000 €

Fiscal 2016 revenues

221.059.000 €


Our leadership team stands out for its experience, competence and professionalism. Our willingness to grow and improve is what drives our ongoing commitment to the development of our human capital. SITE is a company made of people.

Stefano Borghi

President and Chief Executive Officer
Stefano Borghi leads the company as President and Chief Executive Officer. He graduated with a Law Degree from the University of Bologna in 1974, discussing a thesis on Labour and Employment Law regarding out-of-court settlement of individual employment disputes. He practised law until 1981, the year he joined SITE as Human Resource Manager. He went on to become General Manager of the company in 1984 and Chief Operating Officer in 1987.

Claudio Bettini

TLC Division Manager
Born in 1963. Claudio Bettini leads the TLC, Networking & Information Technology division. He graduated from the University of Bologna with an Electronics Engineering Degree and joined SITE in 1995. Today he manages and plans the activities involving fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. Bettini also coordinates the design and installation of LAN networks, routing and switching services, and unified communications, collaboration, video conferencing and Wi-Fi services.

Eugenio Errigo

Administration, Finance and Control Manager
Born in 1960. Eugenio Errigo leads the company’s Administration, Finance and Control function. A graduate of the University of Bologna with a Business Administration Degree, Errigo has been in charge of management planning and control and coordinating the financial, administrative and fiscal activities of SITE since 1988. He ensures operational consistency between agreed strategies and related administrative, financial and control choices made.  More specifically, he is responsible for all company administration activities, ensuring the company is managed according to its corporate policies and goals and the relevant laws currently in force.

Luca Alfano

Transport Division Manager
Born in 1970. Luca Alfano leads the Transport and Foreign Markets Divisions. After some significant experiences at multinational companies, he began collaborating with SITE in 2008. Today he coordinates the activities regarding design, installation and integration of rail signalling systems, together with energy systems and all the technological subsystems present in the transport network’s. He manages the activities of System Integration and Research & Development. He leads also the activities for the Foreign Markets.

Stefano Giuliato

Energy and Technological Installations Division Manager
Born in 1974. Stefano Giuliato leads the Energy and Technological Installations Division. He graduated from the University of Padova with a Telecommunications Engineering Degree and joined SITE in 2003 after a career at Infostrada and Wind. Today he is at the head of the company division that provides design, installation and maintenance of technological systems for MV and LV power distribution and energy efficiency systems. He is also in charge of the LED lamp and biomass gasifier engineering and production department.

Francesca Vitagliano

Quality, Environment and Safety Manager
Born in 1974. Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome, after a series of significant experiences in large companies, in 2008 she joined SITE. He is responsible for the Quality, Environment and Safety Office. It deals with the definition, revision and updating of processes, the management of all system and product certifications and the monitoring of the correct application of the management system requirements in the company. It also follows the analysis and assessment of legislative updates in the areas of expertise and deals, when necessary, with the training of personnel on aspects of Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility. It is also member of the Supervisory Board of SITE.

Massimo Carroli

Procurement & Supply Chain Director
Class 1980. He is responsible for the Procurement & Supply Chain Office. Graduated in Law at the University of Bologna, he developed his career entirely in SITE where he started in 2008 in human resources. Today it is responsible for coordinating the procurement of materials and services, assuring the useful requirements for carrying out the production activities and for setting up and implementing the current company logistics organization, ensuring the continuous monitoring of the logistics processes and the warehouse flows for which it is responsible.

Simona Ravoni

General Affairs Manager
Born in 1970. Simona Ravoni leads the General Affairs office and is responsible for personnel recruitment and training. She graduated from the University of Bologna with a Law Degree and joined SITE in 1997. Today Ravoni is in charge of coordinating executive assistance activities and manages regulatory and organisational aspects that regard public- and private-sector tenders and contracts. She prepares and implements recruitment action plans, screening and interviewing candidates. In addition, she trains personnel to ensure high quality standards within the work group.