SITE will be exhibiting at the 20th Ecomondo-KeyEnergy show - the technology platform for the Euro-Mediterranean Area’s Green and Circular Economy system - to present its technologies and solutions in the renewable energy field. Ecomondo provides the most comprehensive showcase in the Euro-Mediterranean area for advanced and sustainable technological solutions aimed at: adequate management and enhancement of any type of waste; management and enhancement of water, waste water and polluted marine sites; and efficiency in the use and transformation of primary and secondary raw materials and use of renewable raw materials. The event offers Green Economy and Circular Economy industry players the perfect place to connect. On that occasion SITE will be presenting Pirogass. The biomass-to-syngass conversion plant was born out of SITE’s commitment to energy savings and renewable sources and is the product of the company’s extensive experience in the field, gained through design and implementation of energy efficiency projects. Pirogass, in fact, converts biomass into syngas for production of electricity and uses a pyrogasification process to convert agricultural and forestry biomass residuals into syngas that is then converted into electricity and thermal energy. Pirogass is a highly innovative gasifier, a fixed bed, downdraft type multi-biomass plant with an open chamber, that can produce tar-free syngas. The trade show will be held on 8-11 November at the Rimini Fiera Expo Centre and its purpose is to lead companies to pursue the objectives established in the 7th EU Environment Action Programme:
  • Achieve 70% recycling of paper, plastics, metal and glass found in MSW
  • Achieve 80% total recycling of packaging between 2025 and 2030
  • Achieve 5% total landfill by 2030
  • Prohibit heat treatment of recyclable material
  • Exclude landfill from the various methods of recycling inert materials