Mount Vesuvius line

Customer: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), a limited company (SpA) wholly owned by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, responsible for managing the infrastructure of the National Railways.

Opportunity: there was a need to reduce congestion at the Naples node and improve the regularity of regional and commuter passenger services along the “Naples – Torre Annunziata – Salerno” coastal route, by laying about 32 km of dual track HV/HC lines.

The project SITE constructed the “Mount Vesuvius” railway line (Naples-Salerno via Mount Vesuvius) on a turnkey basis. The line opened in June 2008 in order to relieve congestion at the busy Naples node.
As part of the High Speed/High Capacity project, the technical characteristics of this project were similar to those of the Rome-Florence line: dual track, maximum speed of 250 km/h, powered by the standard system at 3000Vcc and equipped with standard light signalling (ACEI) and Lock-and-Block system with codified currents and signal repetition system with 9 codes (obviously supported by the SCMT – automatic train control system).
In practice, this line is used by RFI as an extension of its High Speed network.

Advantages: Construction of the “Mount Vesuvius” railway line is part of the plan to upgrade the Italian railway system for long-distance north-south traffic, taking the pressure off passenger and freight traffic on lines in the Campania region.