The article explores the company’s evolution and progress, as well as the challenges ahead. Since the 1990s, SITE has developed its capabilities in more complex engineering activities with greater added value. This has led the company to transition from installer into systems integrator and innovative solution developer for the Telecommunications, Energy and Transport sectors.
The company’s investment in Research and Development has been key in the development of proprietary solutions in the different areas of operation: an IoT platform for security applications, a gasifier for biomass power generation, and a line of LED lamps. During the interview, CEO Stefano Borghi conveyed a very important message, highlighting the organisation’s readiness to change and improvement-oriented approach. Without this willingness to move on, we risk creating an unbridgeable gap or, worse still, losing our creative power.
Another topic discussed during the interview was the government’s 3.5 million euro ultra-broadband plan, which will set the stage for significant and desirable investments. Borghi said SITE is already competing for numerous tenders in Italy’s largest cities and because of its specific capabilities, is only bound to to grow stronger in the upcoming years.