ENEL Concept Store in Milan

The Italian power company Enel opened its first flagship store in Milan. The 700-square metre energy showroom spans three floors and was built with low energy consumption and CO2 neutral systems. The purpose of the store is to explain the world of energy to clients through interactive spaces and multimedia installations that describe energy sources and technologies.
Il progetto
Enel had high expectations for the project behind this concept and the contract was given to SITE, which had demonstrated its dependability within the context of the Extraordinary Maintenance Framework Agreement with the region of Lombardy.
During the initial construction, electrical, and mechanical works and the installation of supervision and specialty systems, SITE proved its ability to manage the project effectively and with a proactive approach. It put forth adequate solutions to the many critical problems that emerged, including the lack of a defined project, changes during construction, stringent time constraints and logistic issues.
The entire structure was delivered within the required time frame and the partnership with the customer strengthened.

Customer: Enel S.p.A, a multinational producer and distributor of electricity and gas.

Opportunity: The objective of this project, which preceded renewal of the image and upgrade of the entire network of 131 ENEL stores in Italy, was to inform customers about advantages of the free market, as well as ENEL’s own loyalty programmes and tariffs, while also providing the usual customer services. ENEL considered it important to inform customers about the rebranding of the network and enable them to find out about ENEL’s projects and achievements in the areas of technological innovation, renewable energy and electric mobility. To achieve this, ENEL needed a highly reliable partner capable of dealing effectively with the numerous issues that arose, the short time frame and the changes made while the project was in progress.

The project: ENEL has opened its first flagship store in Milan, representing a veritable energy showroom. Unique in Italy, technology and innovation lead customers to discover the world of energy and the services offered by ENEL. Covering 700 sq.m. spread over three levels, powered by low consumption and CO2 neutral technologies, the purpose of this store is to explain the world of energy to customers, describing the various sources and technologies via interactive rooms and multimedia installations.
Behind all this lay a project for which ENEL naturally had high hopes, which was entrusted to SITE due to the reliability demonstrated under the framework agreement for special maintenance work in the province of Lombardy. This project means that SITE is recognised as one of the most reliable firms at national level.
The intention of this ambitious project, sponsored by ENEL’s most senior management, was to establish a technologically advanced centre using cutting edge materials and technologies.
SITE commenced the activities (construction, electrical/engineering works, special installations and supervision) by demonstrating its ability to manage the project in a pro-active and effective manner, proposing solutions to the numerous issues identified, such as the absence of a definitive project, the change orders made, the tight time frame and logistical matters.
The entire facility was delivered in the end on time, thus consolidating our relationship with the customer.
Faced with the desires of ENEL and the challenges tackled, SITE demonstrated that it has a solid, well prepared and organised team. The professionalism and pro-active approach shown made SITE “central” to the ENEL Flagship Store project. Following this project, ENEL has appointed SITE to carry out a second phase involving more construction, electrical and engineering work and special installations.
The store space was designed to place customers at the centre of the world of energy. Interactive rooms, multimedia installations and innovative technologies describe the sources of energy and the technologies employed for their use.

This makes it possible to find out about ENEL’s projects and achievements in the field of technological innovation, such as systems for the capture and geological storage of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and clean coal power stations, and the latest generation of renewal energy sources. Another area is dedicated to electric mobility, with the presence of a zero-emissions Smart and related charging station.
SITE contributed to making the multimedia installations, including the so-called “grey cube”, within which it is possible to recreate natural environments and allow customers to interact with them. A sophisticated system of cameras combined with a sensitive carpet and two interactive video walls enable visitors to discover, in the true sense of the word, the various sources of energy: their movements change the virtual landscapes that sprout from floor and walls. Customers are surrounded by images and sounds about the sun, wind, water, carbon, oil, natural gas and geothermal energy.
Lastly, the immersive dome shows the path taken by electricity from a simple click of the switch, providing a 180° view and using evocative language.

Advantages: Via this coordinated and organised project, SITE achieved the established objective and went far beyond the expectations stated when the work began. This highlights how a professional and dynamic approach is fundamental in order to be responsive and effective, while optimising the use of time and costs.
The showroom installed has exceptional characteristics, fuelled by low consumption and CO2 neutral technologies. Unique in Italy, technology and innovation lead customers to discover the world of energy and the services offered by ENEL. By this project, ENEL enables customers to find out about its activities and to interact directly with them.