Algeria: “Saida – Moulay Slissen” “Saida – Tiaret” railway line construction

Customer: Astaldi S.p.A. General Contractor and project finance initiatives promoter. Its sectors of interest are transport infrastructures, energy production plants, civil and industrial building works, concessionary management of car parks, hospital buildings, transport infrastructures and, overseas, works in the water and energy sector. – End Customer ANESRIF.

Opportunity: The need had arisen of creating a mixed railway line, passenger and freight, for the East-West connection of the “Hauts Plateaux”.

Project: SITE constructed the “Saida – Moulay Slissen” railway line, with a length of 120 km, on a turnkey basis. The line represents the first section, to the West, of the so-called “Hauts Plateaux” rail network (Ain Touta – M’Sila – Ain Oussera – Tiaret – Saida – Moulay Slissen) with a mixed service, passengers and freight, integrated with the modernisation and upgrading of the “East-West” network (Orano – Algeri – Annaba). Site is also constructing the “Saida – Tiaret” raiway line, with a length of 153 km. The line represents the second section, to the West, of the “Hauts Plateaux” railway network.
SITE S.P.A. constructed the Telecommunication and Energy systems and, in partnership with a signalling systems manufacturer, also carried out the installation of the railway signalling system. The inauguration of the first line is planned for the first half of 2017.
The integrated Telecommunication system comprises a redundant Optical Fibre line, an SDH system for data transport and Administrative Telephony, Operational Telephony, Chronometry, GSM-R networks, Information to Passengers, video surveillance, Control of Accesses, Supervision and control and Ticketing The integrated Energy system comprises an ASI system consisting of Generator Units, UPS systems with standby batteries, electrical panels and transformer panels, lighting system and air conditioning system.
As part of the Signalling system, SITE S.P.A. has undertaken all the “on-site” activities, from the management to the installation works and up to the support for Commissioning of the complete system.
SITE S.p.A. has also provided the signalling materials, such as ZPAU Cables, Signal Steelwork, Key Transmitters (AuAg), ATR, LED Signals, Railway Signage, junction nand take-off boxes, etc.

Advantages: Construction of the “Saida – Moulay slissen” and “Saida – Tiaret” railway lines forms part of the upgrading plan for the rail network connecting the East and West of the “Hauts Plateaux”. The advantage, both for the Client and the End Customer, has been that of having SITE S.P.A. as the sole interlocutor for management of the project (and relative contract), with the skills of System Integrator and therefore able to cover, at an integrated project level, the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning activities.

Future developments:
The construction of the “Ain Touta – M’Sila – Ain Oussera – Tiaret – Saida – Moulay Slissen” axis includes the involvement of SITE S.P.A. which, with the experience gained in the railway sector in Italy and Overseas, is a leader in the Telecommunication and Energy sector and in the management of integrated railway technologies.