SITE installs Italy’s most advanced server farm at S. Lucia di Piave

Customer: AscoTLC, 89%-held by Asco Holding S.p.A. plus institutional investors. AscoTLC makes the best performing and innovative technologies available to agencies, companies and individuals for Internet, data storage and security purposes.

Opportunity: due to expansion, the customer needed a new strategic data centre based on a first-rate logical and physical infrastructure. In particular, the design had to take account of the high reliability required by the types of business customer that turn to AscoTLC.

The project: SITE makes a significant contribution to overcoming the digital divide in the province of Treviso. The turnkey installation of Italy’s most advanced server farm at Santa Lucia di Piave (TV) for AscoTLC covered all aspects: from construction to the structural work, from engineering to the electrical work, from security systems to the supervision and control of the sophisticated technologies installed.
SITE totally renovated an old industrial building that had been in disuse for many years, completely altering its architecture. Advanced works and styling covered all finishes both inside the Datacentre and externally. The massive steel structure, built to the latest anti-quake standards, provides a veritable skeleton for the Datacentre.
A bunker with exceptional security measures, designed to protect the digital wealth of companies, guarantees the delivery of all services with maximum continuity.
This guarantee is possible because all systems are redundant i.e. duplicated: air-conditioning plant, transformers, CPS, diesel generators, power boards and power sockets serving the individual server racks. This system can operate on a fully autonomous basis and, therefore, even if the power and cooling systems fail, or if plant maintenance is required without shutting down the facility.
The true plus provided to this project by SITE can be found in the technology employed. Three Datacentre rooms were equipped with suitably powered and cabled racks, served by extremely fast fibre-optic connections that benefit all customers. In addition, all facilities have air conditioning and ventilation systems, heat recovery installations for greater energy efficiency, and electrical power and lighting for all users. Preferential lines and continuous supply lines ensure that the heart of the Datacentre is immune from electrical failures and blackouts.
Everything is controlled, adjusted and monitored in real time by installations that ensure highly advanced supervision. The facility is a real bunker protected by major security systems equipped with internal and external cameras and sensors that are active on a 24/7 basis.
Solidity and functionality serving the future.

Advantages: SITE has installed a bunker with exceptional security measures, designed to protect the digital wealth of companies and guarantee the delivery of all services with maximum continuity.
This new facility enables AscoTLC to expand considerably its pool of customers, since the new space available combined with extremely efficient energy management means that the company can reduce considerably its operating costs.